Veronika SZK (Szkudlarek) is an artist making abstract paintings and animations hybridizing digital and analogue mark making. 

She is interested in the interdisciplinary and innovative possibilities of paint and digital imaging. She uses traditional analogue material like oil paints, pastels and charcoal as well as animation software like Cinema 4D, After Effects, Dragonframe and Photoshop.  She looks to areas of growth, including technology and expanded practices for inspiration most recently using VR technology to make 3D and 2D paintings.  

SZK's exhibition record includes Queens Museum in NYC, Centre for Contemporary Practices in Kansas City and Galeria Skwer in Warsaw. The New York Times art-critic Ken Johnson included her in the 2010 Brooklyn Symposium. Gary Michael Dault, art critic for The Globe and Mail wrote that “artist Veronika Szkudlarek has already chalked up enough experiences to fuel a dozen careers in painting”.

She is an Assistant Professor in the Drawing & Painting department as well as in the Digital Painting & Expanded Animation department at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) in Toronto, Canada.

She is also a Visiting Adjunct Professor as an Associate Graduate Faculty member in the Master of Science in Computer Science at The University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

She is the recipient of the Outstanding Merit Award from Pratt Institute, OCADU Faculty of Art Teaching Award, the 2019 Seed Grant and has been shortlisted for the BLG Equity award. 

Veronika SZK has appeared on television interviews including Global TV's This Morning Live. She has moderated numerous public panels on contemporary art including Honey Ramka Gallery in New York City. Her work has been recognized internationally, invited to speak at Columbia University, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), Queen Museum including cities like New York, Kigali, Jerusalem, Kansas City, Warsaw, Cairo, Oman and Montreal.


2010 MFA with Distinction & Honors, Painting, Pratt Institute, New York, NY, USA

2006 BFA with Honors, Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Solo Exhibition

2014     Painted hybrids/malowane hybrydy,

             Galeria Fabryka Skwer, Warsaw, Poland

2012     Lion mouse, Parkdale Arts and Culture                           Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2010     I said i had an internal clock, then we

             missed the bus, Steuben Gallery,

             Brooklyn, NY, USA

2009     Remains, Cohen/Lasry House, Clark

             University, Boston, Ma, USA

2008     Une Chêvre Pour Charlotte, Galerie

             Quartier Libre, Montreal, Quebec,


2008     A Goat For Charlotte, Gallery 1313,

             Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Group Exhibition

2018     Chinatown Soup Gallery, New York, New York


2018     Open Engagement 2018 –

             Sustainability, Queens Museum,

             New York, New York

2017     Civic Art Lab, East Village, NYC

2017     The Model's Origin: Beyond The Core,

             Kansas City Centre for Contemporary

             Art, Kansas City Missouri  

2016     PROJECT 31, OCAD University,

             Toronto Ontario

2014     Internet As Medium, Steuben Gallery,

             New York, NY, USA

2013     The Story of the Creative,

             See | Exhibition Space, New York,

             NY, USA

2011     B.O.S., Bushwick 56 Bogart, Brooklyn,

             NY, USA

2011     Global Art Project, Broadway Gallery,

             New York, USA

2011     Vegabundas Sketchbook, Container,

             Tel Aviv, Israel

2010     The Consulate General :Two In-Line- Out, Art Square

             Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2009     Skin Deep, Kips Gallery Chelsea,

             New York, NY, USA

2009     Remains to be Seen, Lennox

             Contemporary Gallery, Toronto,

             Ontario, Canada 

2009     Politics & Media , Rubelle and Norman

             Schafler Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2007     Art Matters, Sharon Ramsey Gallery,

             Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2006     Against Nature, Galerie Quartier Libre,

             Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2006     Ms.America, VAV Gallery, Montreal,

             Quebec, Canada

2006     Lost Horizon,  Art Mur, Montreal,

             Quebec, Canada


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2019     Ontario Trillium Foundation - Seed Grant

2019     Artist in Residence, Muscat Oman


2018     OCAD University, Shortlisted BLG Equity                Faculty Award, Toronto, Canada

2018     OCAD University, Shortlisted for

             Inspired Teaching Award – Excellence

             in Teaching First Year Students,

             Toronto, Canada

2017     OCAD University Faculty of Art

             Teaching Award, Toronto, Canada

2013     International Residency Program to

             Künstlerhaus Bethanien Finalist,

             Canada  Council for the Arts

2011     OneONE Award / Pratt,  Phong Bui,                  The Brooklyn Rail, New York, NY, USA

2010     2010 Symposium Award, Selected by                  Ken Johnson, The New York Times,    

             New York, USA

2010     Pratt Institute, Outstanding                                  Merit Award, New York, USA

2007     Finalist for Annual 2007 Art Matters 

             Festival, Galerie Quartier Libre,

             Montréal, Quebec, Canada

2006     Finalist for Annual 2006 Art Matters

             Festival – Gallery Art Mur, Montréal,

             Quebec, Canada.


Ontario College of Art and Design University,  Toronto, Canada

2019 - Present

Assistant Professor

Intermediate Painting

Capstone Thesis 1

Capstone Thesis 2

Pixel Pusher


2015 - 2019 

Teaching Intensive Stream 

Capstone Thesis 1

Capstone Thesis 2

Drawing & Painting – Intermediate Painting

Drawing & Painting – Painting Studio

Drawing & Painting – Painting 1

Drawing & Painting – Painting 2

Digital Painting Expanded Animation –

Pixel Pusher

Digital Painting Expanded Animation –

Collaborative Expanded Animation 1

Digital Painting Expanded Animation

Collaborative Expanded Animation 2

Digital Painting Expanded Animation –

Painting and Digital Imaging 1

Digital Painting Expanded Animation –

Painting and Digital Imaging 2

Drawing & Painting - Independent Study


Adjunct Professor

Digital Painting Expanded Animation –

Painting and Digital Imaging 1

Digital Painting Expanded Animation –

Painting and Digital Imaging 2

Drawing & Painting – Painting Studio

Drawing & Painting – Intro to Painting 1

Drawing & Painting – Intro to Painting 2


University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada


2019- Present

Visiting Adjunct Professor

Associate Graduate Faculty member

Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science

Co-Supervise Thesis



2020.    NSCAD - Nova Scotia College of Art                and Design. Artist Talk


2019     VRTO - Virtual & Augmented Reality                Conference & Expo. Partnership with                OCADU and Ontario Tech. 


2019     Traditional Painting in

             Nontraditional Time,  American

             British Academy, Muscat, Oman.  

2018     Open Engagement - Sustainability,

             Queens Museum "Hybrid Painting,

             Drawing & Animation: Pushing

             Traditional Practice Forward with

             Technology" by Veronika Szkudlarek,

             New York, NY

2018     Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media

             & Design Lecture for Graduate 

             Student Thesis Seminar Class, OCAD

             U, Toronto, Canada 

2017     Sustainability Conference - Columbia

             University, CivicArtLab “Hybrid

             Painting As Metaphor Incorporating

             Digital Technology In A Traditional

             Practice” by Veronika Szkudlarek (Fine

             artist & educator, OCAD Toronto), 

             New York, NY, USA

2017     Civic Art Lab, “Hybrid Painting As

             Metaphor: Incorporating Digital

             Technology In A Traditional Practice”

             by Veronika Szkudlarek, New York, NY

2017     FATE’s 16th Biennial, 

             "Redefining the Basics:  Introducing

             3D Modeling and Animation Software

             into Traditional Painting Course."  

             Panel topic: Hands-on Making and 

             Beyond: Balancing Tactile and Digital.

             Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City,

             Missouri, USA

2015     “Contemporary Digital Practices”

             Mercedez Benz Financial Services 

             Headquarters Lecture and Workshop,

             Toronto, Canada

2015     Panel Moderator, “Control

             Panel/Machine Aesthetics" with artists

             James Clark, Linda Francis, Micah

             Ganske, Ben Garthus, and Tom

             Moody”, Honey Ramka Gallery,

             New York, NY, USA

2014     “Vagabond Aesthetics”, Dare2Create,

             Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts

             Council, Toronto, Canada

2013     “Painting in the Age of Digital

             Reproduction”, Fine Art Department,

             Leaside, Toronto, Canada

2010     Artist in Residence, 2009/2010

             Conference, Nobel Peace Prize to

             Rwanda’s Righteous, Rwanda Kigali

2009     “Reframing Painting”, Fine Art

             Department, Canadian International

             School of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt

2009     Artist is Residence with Professor Frank

             Chalk from Concordia University, MRH,

             Berlin, Germany

2009     “Metamodern ”, 1st Annual IHR

             Conference, Clark University, Boston,


2009     “Remains to Be Seen Exhibition -

             Atom Egoyan”, Lennox Contemporary

             Gallery, Toronto,Canada

2009     “From Mural to Gallery”, Galerie

             Quartier Libre, Montreal, Quebec,


2008     Artist Talk, Design & Interdisciplinary

             Art Department, Don Mills Collegiate

             Institute, Toronto, Canada

2008     Artist Talk “Painting Abstraction -

             Residency in Kigali Rwanda”, Miss 

             Edgar & Miss Cramps Alumni,

             Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2007     Artist in Residence, Mother Theresa of

             Missions of Charity, Kigali, Rwanda



Greenspace NYC/ CivicArtLab

FATE member – Foundations in Art: Theory and Education

President of the Pratt Artist League, New York, NY, USA

College Art Association (CAA), New York, NY, USA



MIGS Institute, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada