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NSCAD - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University
Honey Ramka Panel - 2014
Gallery Fabryka Skwer - Warsaw
The Story of the Creative - NYC
Lion Mouse is a Must See Art Event - Fall 2012 - Toronto
Omni Television Interview - Toronto
Public Review: Michael Rush, Paddy Johnson, Matthew Higgs & Andrea Scott
Gallery 1313, Lion Mouse - Toronto
Bushwick Open Studios, 56 Bogart - NYC
Steuben Gallery, NYC
Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Remains to Be Seen - Toronto
Kips Gallery, Skin Deep - Chelsea, NY
Art Polonica, 2 Publications
Veronika Szkudlarek - Artist Featured in Atom Egoyan's Remains to Be Seen - Toronto
Veronika Szkudlarek - The Globe & Mail Review
Galerie Quartier Libre - Montreal
Gallery 1313, Solo Exhibition - Toronto
Art Square Gallery, In Line Out - Toronto
Mother Theresa of Missionary Orphanage, Mural - Kigali, Rwanda
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