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Despite her young age, her paintings are delighting and impressing through there maturity and original style.Veronika Szkudlarek's work has been reviewed and revered by critics around the world, including USA and Canada. You may now see her works at the Gallery Skwer on Krakowskim Przedmieściu street in central Warsaw.


English Transcript:

Veronika Szkudlarek (artist) : “Here is the thicker paint application…”

Katarzyna Radzimiarska (interviewee): Eye, one of the newest work from the young artist, made throughout the last year and a half, is a hybrid made by traditional oil painting techniques as well as newer digital methods. This is a style the artist discovered several years ago and it quickly became her area of investigation, exploration and expertise.

VS:  “Things are going to change in art- paintings need to develop also- like we all have been changing and accommodating to new digital advancements...”.

KR: The artist finished her Masters of Fine Arts from the renown Pratt Institute in New York City, is teaching painting at OCAD University in Toronto and her work has been well reviewed around the world.

Jesse Patrick Martin (Gallery director of Honey Ramka gallery in NYC): “Digital art definitely has a future. Veronika’s contributions are part of this important movement”

KR: The artist works between New York City and Toronto although she has roots in Poland, here her parents and sister were born.

VS: From the time I was a child, I would visit Poland to see my Grandmother and Grandfather...for me, Poland was always an important place…”

KR: And that is why it was important for her to show her works here. At this exhibition, she shows nearly 20 paintings, made throughout the last two years.

Wojcicech Trzcinski (Gallery Director) – I’ll admit, this is an exceptional exhibition. I see a few paintings here that I already want because they really are very interesting and original.

KR: you can see her works at Gallery Skwer until May 18th.


Mimo młodego wieku jej obrazy zachwycają dojrzałością i własnym, oryginalnym stylem. Weronika Szkudlarek, bo o niej mowa, została też dostrzeżona i doceniona przez krytyków sztuki w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Prace młodej, polsko-kanadyjskiej artystki można teraz oglądać w Galerii Skweru na Krakowskim Przedmieściu.

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